Track of the Week 14/11/16

When Chet Faker released Built On Glass in 2014, I had the album on repeat. So naturally, when he announced that he was to release new material under his real name, Nick Murphy, I was intrigued. Would the man we know for his soulful, chill, ambient-influenced pop move into a new direction? Or would he stick with his guns and make more hits like “Talk is Cheap” or his earlier rendition of “No Diggity“.

Read the rest over on Can You Ear It!


Track of the Week 24/07/16: Wildhart – Shake Off

Wildhart hail from Sweden. They combine almost jazzy elements with shimmering synths and soundscapes with gentle vocals. Shake Off is ambient-induced chill out music, while still staying in the realm of electro pop. It’s one of those albums that lets you drift off into daydreams when it gets dark so early outside.

If singles like this one and Fantasy are anything to go by, Wildhart might be about to make a name for themselves. With their debut album coming out November 11th, I’m sure there’s a lot more to come.

Track of the Week 17/10/16: Baron & Byrne – Don’t Call Me Calm

In the middle of this pretty sunny but awfully cold October, I think what we all need is some vaguely melancholy but really sunny music.

Don’t Call Me Calm is simple and effortless. It’s a song about affection and distance, having to be patient. It’s inspired by the psych guitar music he likes so much and you can tell. There’s a funky guitar, some gentle harmonies and a whole lot of ambience.

So have a little sitdown by the window with a cup of tea and enjoy all the best feelings of autumn.

Track of the Week 11/07/16

Fresh off my hiatus (which may or may not have been because I was actually doing some grown up work for an actual company and not blabbing away irrelevance into the vast chatter of the internet) here’s my track of the week to get back into writing.

For the ultimate chill, dreamy vibes to start the week off, have some Tycho. It’s been a while and I’m glad to see him back out with new and even cooler stuff. For more of my words in a more elaborate review, head on over to Can You Ear It and check out the first thing I wrote for them.

Have a beautiful week, everyone!


Track of the Week 06/06/2016

This week’s Track of the Week is a bit of a cheat because I want to introduce you to Sir Was.

The Swedish artist’s latest EP Says Hi is a beautiful example of how free and effortless music can sound. With a mixture of sounds he picked up with his phone (for example the sounds of a pet store on Falcon), the soulful feeling of jazz and the slightly more serious-sounding electronic elements it’s an EP I can’t just pick one song from, because it works best in its entirety.

Stream Says Hi below

Track of the Week 23/05/16

With a bit of post-Great Escape depression I’m looking back on one of my favourite acts of the weekend.

REVILO is the London-based singer, songwriter, goth pop prince that you need in your life. He spices up his guitar heavy indie rock with incredible pop hooks and a voice that will melt your heart.

Check out his recent single Lure below.

Track of the Week 16/05/16


My track of the week this week is a phenomenal, as well as a very personal one.

Lyrics that drip with raw confidence, underlined by almost teasing, cynical guitars and a structure that tells a story make this song so emotionally intrusive. This track is just a little glimpse, a significant example, of what he’s best at; combining the charms of today’s music world and the songwriting craftsmanship of what some might fondly call the Golden Ages of music.

Give Eric Arikan a listen on soundcloud and bandcamp.