Day 9: Foals – What Went Down // their heaviest album yet!!!11!1!1!


If I had to say how many times I’ve read “their heaviest album yet!!!” in connection with this album I would be overwhelmed. Not only is it the iTunes/Apple Music description (and just that, by the way, which seems to me like the most uncreative lazy thing to do but, oh well) but so many reviews used it in one variation or another.

It’s not like they’re wrong. This album really is more vibrant than their previous albums. After a 12 second teaser, the album was released in August. It definitely was one of the albums I looked forward to a lot.
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Day 3: Modestep – London Road // It’s brutal and I love it


Modestep, the British electronic rock band, released their second studio album in May this year.

This album really breaks the theme I have in my favourite albums this year – but I do love me some dubstep/rock mix.

This is another album that split the record shop clientele in two. Some loved it (an overall highlight beingĀ Game Over) and some hated it. But it’s no secret that some sort of dubstep sound is not everyone’s proverbial cup of tea.

The album consists of a wild mix of songs that can either hype you up for a night out or just get your creative juices flowing. Most of all, it’s interesting, and that’s what reeled me in.

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