Introducing: Clean Cut Kid

Welcome to Introducing! The title is quite self-explanatory – in this segment I will be introducing you to artists and bands, some new, some established, some you might have heard of before and some that might be new to you. They will be artist and bands, I think, deserve a listen.

So let me introduce to you, Liverpool-based phenomenon Clean Cut Kid.

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Track of the Week 17/10/16: Baron & Byrne – Don’t Call Me Calm

In the middle of this pretty sunny but awfully cold October, I think what we all need is some vaguely melancholy but really sunny music.

Don’t Call Me Calm is simple and effortless. It’s a song about affection and distance, having to be patient. It’s inspired by the psych guitar music he likes so much and you can tell. There’s a funky guitar, some gentle harmonies and a whole lot of ambience.

So have a little sitdown by the window with a cup of tea and enjoy all the best feelings of autumn.

Album Review: Warpaint – Heads Up // musically impeccable but fails to leave a lasting impact

warpaint graphic.jpg

Although their last album came out two years ago, Warpaint’s third album Heads Up feels more like a comeback than just another album. Maybe that’s due to Jenny Lee’s solo advances or the low profile, the band has kept for the last two years, stressing that if they were to make a new album, they would want to be in it 100%, with heart and soul.

And it worked out. Heads up is the lovechild of the atmospheric, almost ambient vibes of their self-titled album and a completely new way forward.

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Track of the Week 01/08/16

Yes, holy shit it’s August. Yes, I know this year has gone by crazy fast. No, I’m no less terrified of the future and growing old than anyone else. But you know what, let’s just listen to some music, shall we?

Hampshire wunderkinder Blaenavon have been on the scene since 2013. With their more than convincingly weird twitter account and a reputation for some of the best live shows you can see in dingy pubs as well as bigger venues they now have an album coming up. And for the people who are just as excited about that as me, they’ve brought out another single I’ll have on repeat for at least two weeks.

A bit of The Smiths, a bit of the Cure, a lot of bittersweet happiness and melancholy on summer evenings and a “let’s pray for death” chant to match it all. It’s Let’s Pray.


Track of the Week 16/05/16


My track of the week this week is a phenomenal, as well as a very personal one.

Lyrics that drip with raw confidence, underlined by almost teasing, cynical guitars and a structure that tells a story make this song so emotionally intrusive. This track is just a little glimpse, a significant example, of what he’s best at; combining the charms of today’s music world and the songwriting craftsmanship of what some might fondly call the Golden Ages of music.

Give Eric Arikan a listen on soundcloud and bandcamp.