Track of the Week 27/03/17

Disclaimer: This song came out a few weeks ago and I’m well aware it’s old news now. However, ya girl wants to write a blog post and if there’s ever been a band I love more than life itself it’s alt-J. But enough talking, let’s get down to business

At the beginning of March, alt-J returned with a teaser video for a new song, artwork from a video game, and in a Bon-Iver-esque turn of events, hexadecimal encoded Facebook posts.

The teaser only gave away the first 52 seconds of 3WW. Those 52 seconds are marked by an electronic beat and a languid, shimmering guitar. You’re not sure what it reminds you of but it’s a different plain of existence and a different sound than we’ve ever heard from alt-J.

The real wow-moment of the song follows later. There’s shockingly folky, almost spiritual-sounding vocals by Gus Unger-Hamilton, summery guitars, vocals that remind us of dramatic 80s pop (even briefly citing the melody of Ashford & Simpson’s Solid) and a contribution by Wolf Alice’s Ellie Roswell.

Not only the lyrics (which have been beautifully analysed by the folks at Atwood Magazine), which address romance and lust, loneliness and pain in a modern day world, but also the music is what alt-J have done best for years – making some ethereal, complex feeling so tangible that it opens up a whole new perspective.

Their third studio album Relaxer is coming out on June 9 2017 and you can find the link to the preorder below.

Listen on Spotify or Apple Music and Pre-order Relaxer here.


Track of the Week 24/07/16: Wildhart – Shake Off

Wildhart hail from Sweden. They combine almost jazzy elements with shimmering synths and soundscapes with gentle vocals. Shake Off is ambient-induced chill out music, while still staying in the realm of electro pop. It’s one of those albums that lets you drift off into daydreams when it gets dark so early outside.

If singles like this one and Fantasy are anything to go by, Wildhart might be about to make a name for themselves. With their debut album coming out November 11th, I’m sure there’s a lot more to come.

Album Review: Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

tdcc graphic.jpg I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this album was one of the most anticipated albums of this month.

Two Door Cinema Club, one of the best bands of the late 2000’s indie explosion, staple at every indie club night, danceable, well-written pop music with that little something extra.

If you expected something similar to the synthy joy you’re used to … well … I’d say you’re shit outta luck.

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Track of the Week 17/10/16: Baron & Byrne – Don’t Call Me Calm

In the middle of this pretty sunny but awfully cold October, I think what we all need is some vaguely melancholy but really sunny music.

Don’t Call Me Calm is simple and effortless. It’s a song about affection and distance, having to be patient. It’s inspired by the psych guitar music he likes so much and you can tell. There’s a funky guitar, some gentle harmonies and a whole lot of ambience.

So have a little sitdown by the window with a cup of tea and enjoy all the best feelings of autumn.

Album Review: Warpaint – Heads Up // musically impeccable but fails to leave a lasting impact

warpaint graphic.jpg

Although their last album came out two years ago, Warpaint’s third album Heads Up feels more like a comeback than just another album. Maybe that’s due to Jenny Lee’s solo advances or the low profile, the band has kept for the last two years, stressing that if they were to make a new album, they would want to be in it 100%, with heart and soul.

And it worked out. Heads up is the lovechild of the atmospheric, almost ambient vibes of their self-titled album and a completely new way forward.

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