A Quick Introduction

Hello you,

yes you! You who has just stumbled upon my blog. How’s your day?
It seems like you have an interest in music. So do I! Well, obviously …
But only recently have I started to think about why humanity and why I, in particular like music so much. Why it makes good moments seem better, why it makes you want to dance or cry.

History, of course, presents several answers.
For example the theory of the Harmonices Mundithe Harmony of the World. Johannes Kepler considered this piece of writing his greatest piece of work. It deals with the harmony that is inherent in nature, geometric shapes and therefore also the harmonies in music.
He wasn’t the first to have this idea!
Pythagoras’ Music of the Spheres is a lot less reliant on physics and gives an Ancient Greek, somewhat spiritual, explanation. According to him, the universe is always filled with a sort of celestial music that we, the humans, try to imitate with our earthly instruments. The divine harmonies originate from the crystal spheres holding the planets. We know today that planets can indeed ‘stay up’ without the help of crystal spheres, which might have led physics to take over and dispel the spiritual and admittedly quite fantastical Pythagorean idea.

But everything starts somewhere; and while physics might be the more believable explanation, we can’t deny the somewhat inexplicable, I dare say spiritual sensation we get when we hear music that we thoroughly enjoy.

I’m not here to explain the world to you or to myself, neither will I go on serious, meticulously researched trips through the history of mankind.
I will review the albums I like, write about news, I will take a critical standpoint and occasionally put in my two cents. I might share books, articles, magazines I love. Most of all, I will have fun with music the way I always have – this time around while trying to put it into words.

Will you be joining me?

Talk to you later,


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