About the Author

My name is Lena Pagel and I am currently studying Music Journalism at UCA.
I grew up in a relatively small city in Germany. My father was a journalist so I learned to love words and speaking at an early age. He was also the person who got me into music – and pretty complicated music, too. I moved to England and will be attending university near London for the next three years. English sometimes feels more like my mother tongue than German, but I still have a profound love for German culture, history, and of course music.  Where I will end up I don’t know yet – and I don’t think I want to just yet.
I was influenced by Peter Gabriel, Genesis and a lot of jazz music from an early age, my first vinyl record was The Police’s Outlandos d’Amour, which I discovered when I was about 11.
Today I don’t even try to define my music taste anymore. Give me something original, something interesting, and I’m happy. For what to expect on this blog see the What to Expect page.

Music has been my hobby, my passion, and now probably also my job.
Let’s start this journey here.


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