Introducing: Clean Cut Kid

Welcome to Introducing! The title is quite self-explanatory – in this segment I will be introducing you to artists and bands, some new, some established, some you might have heard of before and some that might be new to you. They will be artist and bands, I think, deserve a listen.

So let me introduce to you, Liverpool-based phenomenon Clean Cut Kid.


On first glance, Clean Cut Kid seem like one of those bands. At their second headline gig, they were signed by major label Polydor, they’ve brought out banger after banger and they’ve played 29 summer festivals. It might seem like success just kind of jumps them. But there’s a lot more to the four-piece.

Living and making music in Liverpool, they say, is not only great because the city has such a wide spectrum of artists of different genres and there’s space for everyone to develop into their own direction, but it was also a financial decision. On one hand, practice rooms and living spaces are affordable, on the other, there’s plenty of people who want to help out.
In an interview with M Magazine Evelyn Halls (keyboard and vocals) stresses that for them, having the creative and financial space to develop is one of the most important things.

Clean Cut Kid consists of Evelyn and Mike Halls, who met when they were working on a project together. It was not only a thing that made them bond personally, they’re married now, but they also decided to form a band. After finding bassist Saul Godman and drummer Ross Higginson, the newly founded Clean Cut Kid worked on music for 8 months, taking some paid jobs to keep above water.

Now they say they’ve basically got the next three albums written and when you listen to their music, it’s clear that a lot of work was put into it to perfect it and that they’ve found a musical togetherness that makes it all the more special. In an interview at Glastonbury with PRS for Music, Mike Halls gives one incredibly striking piece of advice: “Sit on it until it’s right.”

Musically, Mike Halls is inspired by Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel and the like. He writes folky tunes and, inspired by his idols, deconstructs it by using arrangement and production to move it into a different direction.

There’s a barrage of drums, layered guitars, harmonies and a lot of 80s synths.

So far, they’ve brought out four singles and one EP, We Used To Be in Love, with a cover of Jamie XX’s Loud Places. They’re currently gearing up for the release of their debut album, which will be released on Polydor, a label that they say has been incredibly good to them, leaving them a lot of creative freedom to stick with what Clean Cut Kid is about. It’s what makes them special.

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