Album Review: Warpaint – Heads Up // musically impeccable but fails to leave a lasting impact

warpaint graphic.jpg

Although their last album came out two years ago, Warpaint’s third album Heads Up feels more like a comeback than just another album. Maybe that’s due to Jenny Lee’s solo advances or the low profile, the band has kept for the last two years, stressing that if they were to make a new album, they would want to be in it 100%, with heart and soul.

And it worked out. Heads up is the lovechild of the atmospheric, almost ambient vibes of their self-titled album and a completely new way forward.

The  album starts  out with Whiteout, a song that sets a very chill tone for the record, but that notion is completely uprooted by By Your Side, which incorporates strings that sound almost uncomfortable, unsure. But it’s a direct leap into the album, followed by the first single New Song, which was hated by some and loved by some, and definitely adds another contrast. New Song is a pop song in structure, but musically, it’s so eloquently crafted that it’s just pure joy to the ears.

The album adds catchy hooks to masterfully crafted songs. Lyrically, they still hold up to their usual standard, but it seems that they have grown a lot and sound more confident, more grown-up.

Heads Up as a whole is a demonstration of musical excellence, but Jenny Lee Lindberg’s sometimes doom and gloom, sometimes funk bass and Stella Mozgawa’s drums, and how well they play off each other, really stand out. And while it’s a great album, it’s got less of an outstanding style than their previous works, gearing towards a wider, indie audience and the possibility of radio plays.

Favourites: By Your Side, New Song, So Good, Dre

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