Album Review: Jamie Isaac – Couch Baby // Jazzy Summer Nights

Jamie Isaac, the London-based artist who’s been gathering quite a bit of hype, is one of the good ones. He started making music a few years ago, but he learned to play the piano in his early years, inspired by his grandma and the jazz music that was always playing at his parents’ house.

And these influences are clear as crystal and beautifully integrated into the tracks of his debut record. Couch Baby is one of those albums you listen to on warm summer evenings. It’s just getting dark and you’re sitting outside, the sound of the music trickling through the half-open door. Isaac works in that luscious, deep, dark bass drum with rippling trip-hop beats, uses guitar and synth reverb alongside the quiet centerpiece of his work – jazzy piano and rhythms.

All of this catches that one certain, kind of European, neo-jazz, soulful, cool, lounge sound that’s been the biggest trend of the trendless for a few years, simmering just out of sight of the commercial side of things. Isaac creates a wonderful atmosphere that just swallows you up.

And while the songs are beautifully detailed, the distinct lack of changes in the bpm department is not everyone’s cup of tea. But overall, Jamie Isaac is definitely one of those we have to watch, because he might just be the next big thing.


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