Review: Parra for Cuva – Darwis // Shall We … Dream?

Imagine a cozy night in. Maybe sitting on the windowsill with a book or a badly mixed drink, watching the world whiz past – but everything seems eerily quiet. And you’re lonely, you think. But maybe you’re just alone.
This is what Darwis sounds like. A very emotive musical exploration of the feelings without words, that this genre so often relies on.

Berlin-based producer and electronic artist Nicolas Demuth and Jonas Lechenmayr, better known as Parra for Cuva and Senoy are well-known for their downtempo electronica that Demuth started experimenting with on his 2014 release Majouré.

Musically the album is being held together by a lot of synthesizer soundscapes and glimmering bells. In Yuyun he works subtle oriental themes in with gentle pop harmonies and melodies, while Little Wave, a one minute interlude of which there are a few, is a bit darker but just as cinematic and melancholic.
Title Track Darwis is a 9-minute masterpiece that plays with typical elements of electronic music like warped and looped voiceovers and the ever present chimes and bells. All of this gives the song a gentle and fragile character that gets broken about halfway through by percussions. When the main, twinkly theme gets back into it creates a real clash of violence and calm.

This sets the tone for this, with its 14 tracks, truly, long album. As background music for reading, writing or working it’s just long enough, but for a full, mindful listen it might be a bit too long. There are a few songs like Celestial Charts that break the mold with a whole different vibe or a new element, but overall it’s a very homogenous album.


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