Album Review: Twin Peaks – Down in Heaven // Summer, Summer Summer!!


You know what I can’t stand? Country Music. You know what I love? Twin Peaks.

Because when you remove all the stupendous lyrics, whiny voices and the general vibe of the conservative Southern United States (exactly what turns me off it so much) and substitute them with garagey indie chords and the rasping but gentle vocals of the same nature you get Twin Peaks.

The band from Chicago are the music industries current phenomenon, and rightly so. Their new album Down in Heaven is a summer album that comes at exactly the right time for rainy, cold England that’s only just experiencing the first soft touches of something that remotely feels like what this album sounds like.

Down in Heaven is not only so good because they make me like the Country vibes and instruments they got, it’s also a refreshing, original mix of genres. Added it in is a little 60s jingle jangle fun and noughties Strokes coolness.

They are definitely not new on the scene but they have created an album that will accompany so many people through a joyful summer, whether that’s in the city or in the countryside, at barbecues or on roadtrips with the windows down, sitting in the sun with friends or just lazing around by yourself.


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