Album Review: Tourist – U // That Kick You Need on Sunny Summer Mornings


It took William Philips, aka Tourist two years to complete his first album. And does not disappoint.

The artist himself is currenly best known for his songwriting contribution to Sam Smith’s hit song Stay With Me, skyrocketing the latter into world fame and several Grammy nominations. Now Philips has focused on his own baby, his danceable electro album U.

Using beats, synths and melodic themes that go straight through your heart to your feet, he tells a story about a relationship from beginning to end, leading us through anxiety and bliss with To Have You Back, a single he offered for free on soundcloud a few months ago. The album then moves on to sadness and anger, expressed as the complicated emotions that they are in Seperate Ways, and ends the journey with For Sarah, a deeply melancholic track.

Musically, Tourist takes inspiration from many different sub genres of electronic music. Using a theme throughout a whole song, modifying it and telling his stories with it is a daunting task, but he masters this in a beautiful way. The album never gets boring. With techno beats and synths that remind of some kinds of lounge or ambient music, it’s music to dance to and to dream to.

U is inspiring, anxious, beautiful. It pulls you in, gets your brain working, your imagination flowing and your feet dancing. It’s a brilliant debut from a seasoned, confident artist who clearly knows what he’s doing. Tourist is one to watch.

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