Review: Ed Tullett – Fiancé // a magical venture into the structure of song


There are moments when you feel like you’re the center of a panning shot in the latest superhero blockbuster. Suddenly you’re reduced to a simple entity without a name or home, lying on concrete, burning in the desert sun. Is this a fever dream? No, it’s Ed Tullett’s debut record Fiancé.

Folk influences meld with gentle, falsetto vocal harmonies and everything is held together by strong, iridescent synthesizers. Tullett’s lyrics explore things in and out of his personal experience, as with Canyine, which explores love and sexuality and in Malignant the theme of illness and death dictates the endless and unavoidable drum beat, which gives you a shudder of anxiety.

Rarely has there been an album so magical and immersive, pulsating with echoes and honesty. The sound seems to envelop you completely and, instead of smothering you, demands your full attention to this artist that has laid a part of his soul bare. And we should be thankful for it.

Listen to it on his soundcloud, Apple Music or Spotify.
Buy on iTunes or buy the vinyl on Amazon.


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