Review: Animal Collective – Painting With // Bringing Background Music to the Next Level 



Starting by releasing absolute bangers as singles has broken many bands’ backs. Animal Collective accumulated a vast amount of hype and expectation when they brought out FloriDada as one of the singles from their album Painting With.
The track is dancy, fast-paced, well-written and makes you want to get up and just jump around for the 4 minutes it lasts. It’s your brain after taking a reasonable amount of drugs.

The rest of the album feels the same – like a very reasonable high. Animal Collective have been one of the biggest indie bands for more than 10 years and have now reached a point where they are still very experimental, still very arty but know where their head is at. The artfulness of what you can hear is so cool and unobtrusive some might miss it – but for those who don’t it’s a reason to get excited, to feel the genuine talent behind such an achievement.

Does that suggest that Animal Collective have reached a higher plain of existence and artistry? Songs like Bagels in Kiev, Hocus Pocus and Recycling sound so calmly collected and confident with floaty vocals and often very familiar sounding synthesisers that one can’t help but feel that they have become wise with expertise and years of experience.

Painting With is elevator music that wants to make you fly away to a different planet, swim in neon pink lemonade, staring up at forest green clouds (made of feathers, wow!!!), while understanding the meaning of life and existence. The best part? You won’t even know it until you get back.


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