What the Hype is All About: Hinds – Leave Me Alone


Release date: January 8, 2016
Label: Lucky Number
Genres: garage rock, indie, lo-fi
Favourite tracks: Garden, Bamboo, Walking Home

Combining floaty, confident lyrics with the sound of grizzly garage rock guitars and a feeling of summer gives us – Hinds.

The four-piece from Madrid has been making music since 2011 and has now given us the first indie hype album of 2016, earning them a big space at London’s Rough Trade East. But what is the hype about?

There is a very honest and sincere quality to the band’s music. Ana Garcia Perrote did a track by track commentary for Line of Best Fit here, and hearing her speak about some of the tracks just confirms what the listener can feel: Honest and contagious enthusiasm for the song and life itself. The first track Garden singlehandedly forms the perfect intro to the sweet, lo-fi dance in the sun is to come and the fact that it is one of the band’s favourites is audible.

In a time when synthesisers and other electronic effects are used by everyone all the time,  there’s something very comforting, something very familiar and simple about the lo-fi sound of the guitars and unedited vocals.

The lyrics on the album are a big study on love in all its forms. In Gardens the tough guy needs to get out of his shell, and in Chili Town they just “want you to make a move”.
Despite all the love talk there’s no sappiness, no pity to be felt.

The album is an open-letter, a breeze of summer in the middle of January and with its simplicity and raw, positive energy definitely worth the hype.


Listen on Spotify, buy on iTunes or Amazon


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