Record Store Find: Godley & Creme – L

Godley_&_Creme_-_L.jpg         Godley++Creme+L+-+El+199520b.jpg

Kevin Godley and Lol Creme split from their successful pop band the 10cc in 1976. Both musicians, who had worked together and started their joint musical career in 1969, had felt like the band didn’t give them enough freedom to try out new things and experiment.
The result? Forming their own joint project they brought out 7 studio albums up until 1988.
While their first studio album Consequences wasn’t very well received in the eye of the public, their second release L suffered an even worse fate.

What was back then a crass and audacious approach to music is very fascinating today. truly is a work of art. The structure often reminds the listener of a musical or an opera, packed with dissonances, synth layers, complicated rhythm changes, nods to Frank Zappa’s work and bizarre themes.

Their lyrics still retained the tongue-in-cheek quality of 10cc, dealing with suicide and “art school angst” with strange but poetic statements.

Must-listen for: production/sound enthusiasts


One thought on “Record Store Find: Godley & Creme – L

  1. upaulm says:

    It’s remarkable that this Album does not appear on Apple Music until today. I bought it when it came out and it is still one of my favorites. And it would have deserved much more attention!


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