Day 8: Howling – Howling // Australia + Germany = the perfect collab no one expected

howling-sacredgroundRZ-2500-finalMultitalent Ry X and producer and Innervisions leader Frank Wiedemann released a collaboration track in 2012 called Howling that went viral. Despite living half a world away from each other, Ry X is from Australia and Wiedemann lives in Germany, they knew that what they had is something that needs to be exploited.

The tracks on the album that came out in May on Counter Records were mostly recorded in rehearsals or other random places – Wiedemann’s mansion in South Germany, California, Miami, Zurich, …

Different cities have different vibes and that’s maybe what makes this album stand out. The strange, otherworldly vibe of the album is beautifully accentuated by gentle and very professional production.

This is definitely a personal highlight for me this year and it makes me a bit sad that we can’t expect a new album anytime soon, and that we can’t even be sure there will be a new album. But if time and patience make for another album of similar quality and expertise, I am more than happy to wait.

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