Day 7: Swim Deep – Mothers // Modern krautrock loving

Swim_Deep_MothersSeptember marked the month that former B-Town band Swim Deep would bring out their new album. From the previews, singles and cover art you could easily tell this would be very different from their first album Where The Heaven Are We. It sounds like they finally found the style that makes them actually stand out.

Their new influences are a big dose of psychedelia and krautrock with a dash of acid house. But let’s be honest, in this record, anything is possible, and that’s what makes it so exciting and definitely not boring. It does take some getting used to, I admit. But I’ve been coming back to it for the past two months.

Namaste is the song that makes you want to dance in an empty field of 80s pop music video proportions, Grand Affection is the soundtrack to your next roadtrip and Si Si Me Voy sounds like the perfect acid trip.

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