Day 6: Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again // The perfect summer album … wait

PMIFLSAEverything about this album screams summer to me. The colours and the (very cool) cut-out vinyl sleeve design, the acid-induced daydreams that come with psychedelic rock, and not the release date. It was definitely a bold move Universal Australia decided to pull to release this album in January. Or maybe this is just the perfect way to combat the mid-winter depression.

I, maybe unfairly so, usually describe Pond as a more organic Tame Impala. This comparison is not as far-fetched if you consider that most of Pond’s members are either current or former member’s of the successful indie band that has taken the world by storm this year. It’s even produced by their frontman Kevin Parker. And if one band basically made another it’s no surprise that they do sound very similar.
But when the new Tame Impala album came out it I realised that the two are not really similar anymore, which is probably for the better.

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