Day 5: Haiku Salut – Etch and Etch Deep // This is what it feels like to be loved

Etch-and-Etch-DeepEvery year there’s this one album that keeps me on track while doing work, and this year it was Haiku Salut’s Etch and Etch Deep.

The band is known for their number of musical influences: instrumental neoclassicism, folk, electronica and post-rock. And I don’t think I have ever read a more apt description of a genre in my life.

Louise Croft, Gemma and Sophie Barkerwood from Darbyshire, England, formed the band in 2010. They are signed to How Does It Feel To Be Loved Records. How Does It Feel To Be Loved is London’s longest running Indie club night and, therefore, has a reputation for its unique experience – and Haiku Salut definitely fit in with this vibe.

This album is a bit ethereal, a bit relaxing, but also incredibly uplifting. A true gem.

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