Day 2: Portico – Living Fields // skillfully produced synth-pop; yay!


It’s March and I’m working at my home away from home away from home – the record shop in my hometown.
When I was looking through the releases that just arrived this album caught my eye, mainly because it featured Joe Newman, the alt-J singer.

But wait, wasn’t there a jazzy folk group called Portico Quartet? Yes, there was. And that’s where I grew a bit apprehensive. But alas I had to sort it into one of the shelves so I had to have a listen, which proved to be a blessing because I fell in love instantly. Over the course of this little Christmassy 2015 review project, you will realise how much I love synth indie concoctions, and this just fits in perfectly.

Aside from Joe Newman, there are Ninjatune Records artists featured on this album that would shock any old Portico Quartet fans – two singer-songwriters, Jamie Woon and Jono McCleery.

Maybe if they had released this album in autumn more people would have been drawn to it. It’s wonderfully produced British electronica that has a grave, introspective, throbbing heart.

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