Taking Click-bait to a Whole New Level // How I Have Lost Respect for The Line of Best Fit

Every now and then something happens in the world of music journalism that is just so “what the fuck” inspiring I can hardly believe it.After the Line of Best Fit published an essay titled “Electric Dreams”, in which Tame Impala’s frontman Kevin Parker was musing about their hugely successful year and playing live, they amassed a huge amount of clicks. Good for them, right?
Except not.

3 weeks ago a post appeared on the Tame Impala Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 15.34.15

And yes! It’s bullshit.

The Line of Best Fit is a hugely successful, award-winning website. Many people, myself included, rely on them to get the best in alternative music newcomers. Then why would they feel the need to do something so crass and uncalled for? They definitely do not need the hits.

Because this case is so strange there is nothing Google could tell me about legalities or journalistic moral codes. But just thinking about it feels like something is definitely off.

Since the article has not been deleted and there was no official word from the site itself, it remains a possibility that they have either not seen Parker’s post or Parker has decided to take no further action. But both of those things? I don’t think so.

Not only would I love to hear the “why” and “how” this huge faux-pas even passed the proof-readers idea of a good idea, but I would’ve gladly accepted something to write here. But for something to actually happen there would have to have been more of an outcry.

But seeing how many people have tweeted them now and how there has been no reaction whatsoever, I don’t have high hopes. It strikes me as strange (or should I say suspicious?)¬†how sparsely this story has been covered in media outlets. But think about that what you will.

How should I end this? Let’s see …

words: Michael Jackson


One thought on “Taking Click-bait to a Whole New Level // How I Have Lost Respect for The Line of Best Fit

  1. upaulm says:

    Reliabilty is a very precious thing. The Line of Best Fit should take care, not to loose it with such thoughtless actions. In my eyes this is criminal and needs to be answered immediately – by them of by their audience.

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